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In my former life I was an actuary with three decades of global management experience. I like to claim those years make fertile writing fodder and perhaps that’s partly true, but the reality is that I came to the writing gig late. Now aged 63, I’m working harder than ever and relishing doing what I wish I’d done from the start.

My writing craft progresses. I began by writing short stories, mostly about middle-aged men in the corporate world (surprise, surprise), and had a modicum of success: I read out one tale at the Melbourne Writers Festival and earned some minor competition awards. Deadly Investment is available and I’m about to publish Deadly Day Trading – look out for it! Crime Factory, a wonderful short-lived magazine, featured my reviews, and I had tremendous fun with a reviewing blog, Cultural Pilgrim, that, sadly, has left no trace in the blogosphere. My preoccupation over recent years, an “everyperson” history of nuclear energy, inches closer to fruition and can be nibbled at on Nuclear Power History, my preparatory blog. Big Decade, my bloggish philosophical diary, in its third year with seven to go, is worth taking a look at. A blog/book project, bearing witness to the fifteen bird species of Cranes amidst a warming planet, launched recently: 15 Cranes In The Anthropocene. A secret project brews in 2019.

Writing provides much of the meaning in my life but I chase a number of dreams. I am an ardent reader in a wide variety of book genres, I also get excited by modern film and am still current with, and thrilled by, rock music. My wife and I hike often, our adventures ranging from day walks, through pub-to-pub multiday rambles, to camping and hefting backpacks into remote territory. We’re ardent birdwatchers; like Jonathan Franzen, I use birding as my conduit to nature. An activist in several periods of my life, my current interest, albeit swamped by work, is climate change. Philosophically, I am a rational humanist. I jog and cycle.

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