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Melburnian author Andres Kabel writes fiction and nonfiction. His current major project, nearing its end, is a narrative nonfiction history. His portfolio includes murder mysteries, literary novels, and short stories (including prizewinners). He offers two blogs.


In a former life he was an actuary with three decades of global management experience.


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Writing provides much of the meaning in my life but I chase a number of dreams. I am an ardent reader in a wide variety of book genres, I also love modern film, and am still current with, and excited by, rock music. My wife and I hike often, our adventures ranging from day walks, through pub-to-pub multiday rambles, to camping and carrying packs into remote territory. We are ardent birdwatchers; like Jonathan Franzen, I use birding as my conduit to nature. An activist in several periods of my life, my current interest, albeit swamped by work, is climate change. I jog and cycle.


  • Nuclear Power History


    A blog of offcuts and snippets from a forthcoming history of nuclear power reactors

  • Big Decade


    The unfolding of 10 years of day-on-day focus

  • Forthcoming


    Keep an eye on this space for my history of nuclear power reactors

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