Deadly Day Trading

Deadly Day Trading

An awkward private eye. A hot-tempered ex-cop. Can these two opposites bring a sadistic killer to justice?

Series: Gentle & Tusk

Melbourne, Australia, 2000. PI Peter Gentle is all brain and absolutely no brawn. When a shooting frenzy at a day-trader’s ends with the gunman’s suicide, it should be an open and shut case. But as the violent attacks continue, Gentle jumps at the chance to stop the killer…

Former homicide detective Mick Tusk has always been a loose cannon. And if he lets this assignment get the better of him, an already tense situation could blow up in his face. But he can’t let a ruthless murderer go…
With the body count rising faster than a bull market, can they catch the attacker before they become the next victims?

Deadly Day Trading is the second book in the riveting Gentle & Tusk Australian crime fiction series. If you like complex puzzles, heart-pounding action, and odd couple PI partners, then you’ll love Andres Kabel’s gripping thriller.

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